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Bolivian Gastronomy

The gastronomy of Bolivia is mainly known for its variety of dishes that differ from zone to zone, depending on the dominant ethnic group and the climate.


With deep indigenous and Spanish roots, transformed by miscegenation and the different historical moments that the country has experienced, Bolivian gastronomy has added a wide range of dishes and recipes, which makes it varied, rich and differentiated.


Regarding the dishes, they are usually abundant, with soups prevailing in the colder areas and grilled meat in the eastern jungle. The amount of carbohydrates is striking, with potatoes, rice and corn as the basic food. and depending on the area of ​​the country it can be added; broad beans, quinoa, cassava chuño as a garnish.



in Barcelona


Learn more about the local products used in Bolivian cuisine and enjoy the rich flavour it offers.

Let us take your taste buds on a journey to Bolivia, showcasing our authentic local food with fresh ingredients seasoned with love. 

Ideal and pleasant place with two different areas where you can feel comfortable with friends and family, making the evening a perfect gastronomic experience.


About Us

Suma Manq´a is an Andean Bolivian restaurant which was opened in Barcelona in 2018. The restaurant was created by hospitality industry experts in order to promote Bolivian cuisine to the local public as well as to offer the local Bolivian community a place to remember the flavors of food from their home country.

Suma Manq’a which means “Good food” in Aymara is a restaurant with a cozy and calm atmosphere where you can try the authetnic Bolvian dishes made from exotic products imported directly from Boliva.

A reservation can be made via this website or by calling 934 364 623. You can also visit us directly at Calle de la Independencia 340. Come and taste our great menu in a cozy atmosphere! We are looking forward to seeing you at our restaurant!



"Authentic Bolivian food, generous portions and more than reasonable prices. Homemade drinks are delightful. And everything they do carries the best ingredient that can be found in a kitchen: a lot of love."

-Germán García

"One of the most rewarding culinary experiences I had. Incredible attention, very traditional atmosphere but above all the preparation of the food and its variety, make this restaurant, a trip in time to my dear Bolivia. Highly recommended."

-Cristhian Oscar Heredia Rejas

"Without a doubt the best Bolivian food restaurant in BCN!
Great service, delicious food and very cozy atmosphere. 100% recommended"

-Mónica Viaña Nava

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